1. Remember that they headline of the post is more important than the post itself. Your title has be to enticing so that people can be able to read your posts. If your title is not attractive then no one will look at your blog. The title has to be interesting to a point where people share it on their own social media pages without a doubt. 

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2. The size of the post matters. Avoiding dividing the subject of your blogs into different posts or a series of blogs. You should always have all the information shared in one blog. Don’t keep your audience in suspense for too long. If you have too much information to share then choose what is more important and relevant. And anyways, people don’t like reading long texts and they don’t like have much time. Blogs that go viral are the ones that are very short, straight to the point and easy to read. 
3. Write about something people want to read. If your content is not informative, people will not read, comment or share it. You content has to be consistent, if you are writing about Health, then stick to health topics. 
4. Don’t talk about the same subject more than twice in a row. Where is the creativity in that? If you happen to write the same subject twice, people might like it the first time but the second time they might not like it as much so can you imagine how it would be if you would try for the third time. Give the audience something that will encourage them to come keep coming back for more.
5. Know the next timing to post your blog. We rush to post our blogs as soon as we finish writing them even if it is in the early hours of the morning. But this would not be a great idea or the timing for our target audience. It is best to publish when there is traffic on the internet, around 2pm-5pm GMT from Monday- Thursday. Always schedule your posts so that you don’t miss out.
6. Use styling to increase your readability. Readability is important if you what your post to be read. Design your posts in different ways so that they can be attractive. On one you can have a list with bullet points or numbers than some other time you can just have content without any styling but write your posts more creatively because people don’t like reading long texts.
7. Optimize you posts for search engines. Remember you should always write for the audience and not for Google or other search engines. This way your content will have less meaning. But you can be able to cover both these basis without losing your credibility. You can use the theme of your blog as a tool to rank on Google and to attract more people to your blog. You can also use hash tags and SEO plugins.
8. Link your content in the right way. If you are using extra links for your blog. You need to make sure that those links go hand in hand with the content. You have to let your audience know what you are talking about.
9. Images sell your blog. A picture can say a lot about the message you are trying to get across than content can. So when you choose your images, choose photos that will stand out.
10. Make sure your styling is consistent. You have to use the same styling for your blog, that way your audience can identify with it. Everything about your blog has to be on point all time to keep up with the momentum.