Affiliate Window is a global performance marketing network built on five core beliefs; service, ethics, technology, performance and innovation. It helps customers to grow their online presence by leveraging their market-leading technology. They are committed to compliance and provide a suite of tools to monitor all search engines, seek and remove hidden adware and spyware, and protect against fraud.

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Infolinks is the third largest marketplace of sites in the world and their platform drives revenue for over 150,000 sites in 128 countries. Infolinks aims to provide a global advertising solution that gives value to all three ends of the advertising chain through our unique ad platform.By extracting user intent in real-time, their technology renders high engagement ad units, and runs
a keyword-based real time bidding auction, all in order to deliver a perfectly timed, perfectly relevant ad.

Like Google AdSense; Yollix is one of the of the best advertising media site. Anyone can use this site to make money online and to boost your online presence earning very quickly. This site can be used as a publisher and as an Advertiser. 

This site can also be used as a publisher or advertiser. It provides smart networks and powerful solutions. PopAds is simply the best paying advertising network specialised in popunders in the internet. It guarantees that no other popundernetwork will pay better than them. 

Propeller promises the best offers in the world. It is easy to start and your account can be approved quickly. They provide efficient and varied web and mobile channels. They challenge the industry to perform better for publishers and advertisers. They are passionate about finding solutions and giving you the support you need to achieve your goals and more. 

This site is only for publishers and it helps them generate more revenues with star of the art contextual and Geo targeted Ad serving technology. Their innovative Ad network was designed to help publishers to monetize online assets, including toolbars, websites, search wedges, IM applications and more.

Skimlinks gives you access to more merchants and better rates. They negotiate exclusive commission rates from hundreds of preferred partners. They will also help you get approved for exclusive merchant programmes.

It gives you access to connections with advertisers, audience insights and analytics to ensure your success. When you become a publisher in this site, you will be assisted with building engagement with your customers, you are guaranteed to make more money and also you will understand how marketers and your audience view your site.

VigLink identifies commercial products mentioned within your content and then they invigorate those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time advertiser-bid auctions.

Izea is well known for its great content marketing strategies. It connects influential content creators with the world’s biggest brands. It provides influencers with the opportunity to monetize their online influence. It also connects journalist and photographers with companies that want quality content. 

This site connect brands with the right customer in the right contextMomentum is their proprietary leading-edge community, content, and analytics platform. It allows brands to connect with influencers, develop authentic showcase authentic endorsement, and access real-time performance data as your campaign propagates across the web. SheKnowsinfluencers want to lend their authentic voices to create compelling and share-worthy blog and social posts that feature you and your message.

Linqia is the first performance-based influencer marketing platform, tying influencers and native content to real results. The Linqia platform has delivered and analysed thousands of campaigns for brands and their agencies, all structured to meet specific reach, engagement, traffic and conversion goals.

Author: Sheila Johnson