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Being a blogger requires both time and commitment – it’s important to understand that
your audience is not going to grow overnight. Readers tend to follow blogs who add
value to their lives and enrich them with content that is meaningful and relevant. Follow
these 4 tips and watch the traffic on your blog slowly soar to great heights.

Become a Guest Contributor
Think of all the bloggers that you look up to and whose audience you aspire to be reach
– wouldn’t it be great to have them get to know your awesome blog as well? Cultivate a
list of bloggers that you follow (who has a similar audience as you) and reach out to
them about being a possible contributor on their website. Guest contributors can be
very valuable to a blogger, especially when it comes to keeping up with writing
demands. Most blogs are happy to accept high quality and free content for their blog so
make sure you show them your best writing pieces!
Engage your Readers
Engagement will determine whether or not people will become followers or if they’ll
just pass on through. Keep your audience engagement by providing them with
meaningful and relevant content. Ask them questions, but also don’t forget to
acknowledge their answers. A simple, “That’s great to know!” or “That’s awesome =)”
will show that you really do value their time. It’s a simple feel-good gesture that will
surely not go unnoticed by your audience.
Get Social!
The cornerstone of any great blog is having a strong social media presence. This doesn’t
necessarily mean that you will have to sign up for as many social media channels as
possible (think quality and not quantity), just choose what you are most comfortable
with and be sure to keep active.
Keep Organized and Create an Editorial Calendar
A consistent blogging schedule demonstrates to your readers that you are a committed
blogger. If your schedule allows you to post twice a week, make sure you are able to
carry that out with consistency. Erratic posts here and there will make your blog seem
like it’s an abandoned hobby and doesn’t come off as a trusted source for your niche.