An Affiliate’s Way of Making Money on Snapchat

Billions of people all over the world are bitten by the social media bug. New features are added on these platforms every other day to entice people to constantly keep using the site. Through social media, many people now have started their own businesses and this helps them make a lot of money. Snapchat is the latest entrant to hit the bandwagon.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the widely used and most popular social apps today. The app is special in its own way as it has totally reinvented the procedure of interaction and sharing. Compared to its counterparts, Snapchat is the real deal in making brief stories with fun filters. The app is available for iPhone and Android phones. Users can have quick conversations with their friends by sending them photos or videos that lasts up to 10 seconds. These interesting components are some of the most distinctive features of the app. Photos and videos shared of the app get automatically deleted once the recipient views it, unlike other social media apps where the user has to manually delete the content. The Snapchat story is the other interesting feature on the app. The stories usually feature on the feed which can be viewed by everyone and disappears within 24 hours.

Snapchat has been around for so many years now and yet it has remained an unexplored marketing platform until recently. However, entrepreneurs and business owners have been constantly using the app for their business growth once they came to know of its numerous benefits in terms of success. But many people still can’t understand the craze for using the app for business purposes as everything on Snapchat disappears within 10 seconds. And how can one be successful in those 10 seconds is a question that has been a topic of many debates.

Snapchat and Affiliate Marketing:


Snapchat has over 100 million active users and 8 billion photo and video views per day which makes it the most apt platform for marketers and business owners to develop their brand and communicate with the potential customers. Since the target market of the app is people below 35 years, many affiliate marketers are still clueless about its impact. Here is a complete guide that discusses the strategies of an affiliate marketer on how to use Snapchat and be hugely successful in their venture-

Followers, Followers & more Followers: For any business to be a successful online, it is of paramount importance to get more and more followers. And it’s no different on Snapchat. If you are an affiliate marketer, you must focus on getting more followers before you start marketing a business or a product. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat is an extremely private platform without any hashtags, reposts or sharing that makes it difficult to get any followers. The one way of getting followers on Snapchat is the conventional way of following other user accounts. You must always reply to others’ snaps with a snapback.


Snap about your upcoming products:  Always keep your followers engaged by providing a teaser image or video of your upcoming products. There is a 10 second viewing window on the app that is appropriate to upload such teaser posts. This will not only engage your users but will also keep them engaged and interested in what you are going to come out with next. But the posts must be done very creatively so that people are interested in the campaign and create a buzz before it is finally launched.

Special Offers with Promo Codes: The coolest thing about Snapchat in terms of marketing is that it makes a photo or a video disappear within 24 hours. Therefore, a video or a photo with special offers and promo codes will entice your followers to use it before it expires forever. This tactic actually works in bringing more and more users to follow your account. And timely offers and discounts will keep your followers interested in your ventures too.


Premium Access Content: Make your loyal customers feel special by picking them for premium access content which enables them to enjoy certain indulgences like loyalty discounts, benefits, exclusive contents, etc which is only valid for the ones following your brand on the app.


A Story must be Created: Snapchat enables its users to create a story by tapping the “My Story” button. There are huge advantages of this feature as it makes a series of photos and videos into one single view. It is a long form of storytelling with a successive viewing format that lasts longer than the usual 10 seconds viewing. With this feature, one can actually create a detailed info about their products and services, launch and new business initiatives.

Contests and Winners: It is highly advisable to host contests on Snapchat that will keep your customers engaged. With the use of the filters and numerous features that the app has to offer, one can actually create attractive looking contest ads to feature on the app which will further entice your followers to take part. By hosting such contests, an affiliate marketer can actually have a one on one conversation with their customers. This will really make the customers take special interest in a business once they personally connect with the brand.

Hence, these are some of the tips that help affiliate marketers make money and successfully carry out a business venture. Snapchat acts as an excellent social media tool for affiliate marketers to grow a business in the most alluring way one can ever think of. This is all thanks to the vast range of filters and features Snapchat has to provide.  Making money with someone else’s product has never been this fun. Snapchat your way to success.

Author: youwanttoblog