An Affiliate’s Way of Making Money on Snapchat

Billions of people all over the world are bitten by the social media bug. New features are added on these platforms every other day to entice people to constantly keep using the site. Through social media, many people now have started their own businesses and this helps them make a lot of money. Snapchat is the latest entrant to hit the bandwagon.

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Affiliate Window is a global performance marketing network built on five core beliefs; service, ethics, technology, performance and innovation. It helps customers to grow their online presence by leveraging their market-leading technology. They are committed to compliance and provide a suite of tools to monitor all search engines, seek and remove hidden adware and spyware, and protect against fraud.

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Google AdSense is one of the platforms for publishers to publish their work in return for an income. It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad network and it has been an industry leader for the past sixteen years. Here basically publishers get payment when they receive ‘real clicks’ from internet browsers.
Chitika is also a PPC ad network which is mostly used by people who do not qualify for Google AdSense because of strict Google policies.
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