At, we aim to provide insight and resources to our audience of dreamers, makers and doers. We strive towards helping them achieve a great balance between living a creative life and building smart blogs and online businesses.

This could mean we’re discussing Instagram strategies one day, and then ways to create a productive schedules for your life the next day.

Blog articles are published and shared on the website, on social media, and can be included in the members-only monthly emails as well as on our shop.

  • Typically, Guest Blog articles submitted should be 500-2,000 words.
  • They should never be a copy of something else and should always be original.
  • Back links to sources and related content should be supplied in the body of the article, if appropriate.
  • Please avoid being too self-promotional in the body of the article; self-promotional content can be included in the author biography
  • Each article should include at least one picture, visual or graphic element related to the content. Please ensure that you have obtained permission to use and publish the image prior to submission. In the event that you cannot supply images, we will.
  • YOUWANTTOBLOG ALWAYS creates their own Pinterest image / graphic so that articles remain within our main brand unless it is for a visual tutorial of some kind.
  • Each article should include a picture of the author and a bio. Don’t forget to include links to your website within your bio.

All blog content is subject to the approval and editing of our editor. Guest blogging is not paid as it is considered a promotional tool for your personal brand. Use that bio and your article wisely!