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Google AdSense is one of the platforms for publishers to publish their work in return for an income. It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad network and it has been an industry leader for the past sixteen years. Here basically publishers get payment when they receive ‘real clicks’ from internet browsers.
Chitika is also a PPC ad network which is mostly used by people who do not qualify for Google AdSense because of strict Google policies. It is also famous for publishers to earn a fair income from their websites and blogs.

Both these networks are doing well but it would be difficult to say that Chika is an good alternative to Google AdSense because of their low CPC and CPM rates, and fraud; but you can still use Chitikaif your AdSense account is not approved by google.
When comparing Chitika to AdSense, AdSense will take the prize hands down but that doesn’t meant that Chitika is worthless. Chitika do not generate substantial income compared to AdSense, but it does bring value and more importantly, some revenue to the table.
Although many ad network users agree that Google AdSense is better than Chitika in terms of earnings, they also raise the flag that AdSense can be unpredictable as they could ban users’ accounts without any reason. However they have reached a decision that when used correctly, Chitika can be very beneficial to the publishers.
Research proves that both these ad networks are well respected, we known and well established. They have their own set of rules, procedures and practices designed for both publishers and advertisers. The joy of publishing your work with these two entities bring an opportunity to revenue shares if not an opportunity to generate income, however you cannot rely on them for stability it all comes down to which ad network presents ads that are more targeted to your audience and which one is actually generating significant earnings for both publishers and advertisers.
This should determine your choice to continue a relationship with either of the networks. The technology that influences ads placements onsite has great influence on the chances of getting that ‘real click’ on the displays of advertisements on your website or blog.
Ad network experts recommend publishers to keep both the accounts and apply their services to the right sections of their website and blog; this may yield greater results.


Author: Sheila Johnson