Pinterest is kind of like goggle, they’re not going to tell us the secret, we have to figure out personally. Pinterest likes it when you pin a lot, the more frequently you pin, the more frequently your pin we be seen, it doesn’t like it when you only pin your own stuff, you need variety and also from other websites, but the fact still remains that sharing fifty pins at one time doesn’t hold the same weight as repining a variety of fifty images slowly over a few days. Thus Pinterest can be built through the following features, such as board booster, viral tag, tailwind. etc. 

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Boardbooster has a main function that makes it unique, which thus is the ability for it pins to pins your pins randomly throughout the day, also to have the total control with what it gets pinned, when, and to what board. And also it flexibility is amazing. Board booster is an incredible way to build your pin interest, because it so much simpler and enjoyable. The following steps on how to use board booster, thus include:
ü Opening of board booster account.
ü Selection of your preferred board in which you will prefer your board booster to pinned down.
ü Then the board booster will create secret board where you save your pins, where they are then moved to the designated board at the scheduled time.
ü Then the typically editing of the pin took place, so that they can be more repined friendly. Where there’s always a notice that there can be repines twice in a day from blogging for beginners’, it pins Monday through Saturday, from 6.00am to 8.00pm, all parameters will be specified.
 The following guidelines are also important to follow while using board booster in regards to better time management:
ü Selection of better quality pins
ü Sheer enjoyment.
Board booster allows you to schedule pins and really make Pinterest work for you, it will also boost your Pinterest followers and also reach because you will be consistently pinning more than before with far less and hassle than before. Board booster allows spending a few minutes repining.
 The following are the few things you can do with board booster to build your Pinterest, thus include:
ü Scheduler
ü Campaigns
ü Looping

The important of the scheduler is repining of 100 of whatever you want at one time and you don’t have to worry about flooding your followers with 100 pins at once with noting for the next two days. All what you need is to choose the quantity and frequency in the settings. The following are the guild line in setting board booster schedule. Thus include:
ü Click on the pink “add boards “button on the top right corner within the scheduler tab.
ü Check off each board you want to include, then click continue.
ü Choose the frequency for how often you want board booster to pin for you.
ü Click submit, board booster will connect to your Pinterest account and creates a secret board marching the board you selected.
ü Go to your Pinterest account, scroll down to the bottom, and find your new secret board.
ü Pin to your secret board, when you are pining you will see options for your regular board and your secret board, unless you want your ripping to show up immediately, pin to the relevant secret board and let board booster do the work for you later.
Board booster campaigns is little more complicated compare to scheduler, but it is just awesome, because it allows you to set up what’s basically a drip campaign and ripping one pin multiple times over the course of days, week even months to different boards, thus are the following guidelines on board booster campaigns, and they include:
They include the scheduled campaign board booster and the random campapaings. The schelludeled campaigns takes pin from one secret board and repines them to multiple board according to your schedule.
While the random campaigns pull random pins from the source defined by you and ripping them to any number of group boards, you can designate one or more of your boards as the source of pins or provide a list of pins that you handpicked for this campaign. The fact still remains that it takes a little time in setting campaigns but just remember that once you do this, board booster will take it from there. The following are the guidelines in setting board booster campaign, thus include:
ü choose one category to start with, click on the new campaign, pink button and type in the name of your campaign.
ü Make a list of your relevant Pinterest boards, including both your own boards and any relevant group board your part of it. you might have 3 or you might have 15.
ü Next you will want to figure out a schedule for how often to repining. This is the most complicated part thou.
ü Click on the add repining button and choose a board to repin to
ü Choose the campaign day and a repin time, then click off
ü Repeat, adding more relevant boards
ü When you’re done, click save at the bottom, your campaign is ready to go Board booster will have set up a secret board for this too, so head to your blog and pin your content to the secret board
ü Repeat this steps for has many campaigns you need.

Then the board booster looping, looping was actually designated to help revive the older pins that you created or curated before you gained most of your follower, looping basically grabs old pin from the bottom of a board and repin to the tops, you only have use looping for large board where you have at least a couple hundred pins, if you have a smaller board, it will just won’t look right if you have the same pins close together,

The following are the guidelines in creating looping for board booster board, thus include:
ü Click on add boards and chose at least one large board you want to loop, click continue
ü Choose your setting
ü Then click submit
ü That’s all
But have to keep your secret boards full for board booster to repin and you will be all set, if the secret board run out of pins, it’s not a huge deal, board booster simply stops pinning until you add more.
Viral tag is a social media scheduler, its different from others because you can’t post once, you can actually use it to repost as many times as possible, it also makes creating a posting schedule very super easy and quick on their scheduling page. Creating group boards within your niche is an awesome way not to build community around your website but also gain followers on Pinterest who are already interested in your niche. the following are those features include in viral tag, thus
Get organized
Getting organized can only be done through use trello a free online and mobile scheduler to organize which boards  I can bulk schedule on viral tag, which ones I will manually pin to less often ,and which ones I can only occasionally pin to in order to stay within the rules of the board and not clog up the board with just my own content, then you will schedule pins using viral tag, after you get organized and figure out what boards you will be able to pin to in bulk ,you’re ready to start scheduling ,then you will click the installed chrome extension  next to the Pinterest extension just as if I were on a webpage and I wanted to pin an image I liked ,you will then see all your pins pop upon a selection page, and you can select which pins you would like to schedule  like not all your pins from the board may show up on the selection page and that is just because they had not loaded on the page when you hit the viral tag extension again, then you still be able to see all your pins ,then you will hit schedule, now you have 2 options which thus include schedule each pin to different boards individually or select boards under bulk options which allows you to pin all your selected pins to the boards or boards of your choosing at once. I use this a lot. the awesome thing about viral tag is that it syncs with your boards automatically so if you join a new group board you are ready to schedule pins to it right away, now the viral tag will already have sometimes scheduled to pin to Pinterest for you based in your analytics., with this you will be set to relax while viral tag does your pinning work for you.
In using tailwind to build Pinterest we must undergo the following we need to lay out a solid Pinterest strategy. Thus include
ü Pin high-quality content
ü Pin on a regular basis
ü Create boards with amazing keyword-rich descriptions
ü Share your Pinterest account on other social medias
ü Connect with other Pinterest use Follow and engage other users
ü Create Pin-worthy content
ü Enable rich pins

To start, do some spring cleaning on each of your pins, your boards, and your profile. See if you can move your boards around, update the cover photos, or improve on your descriptions. Second, sign up for Tailwind, and use their analytics tools. Tailwind should be a key component on building your Pinterest account. After you have an account, click on “Profile Performance” under the “Track Your Brand” page section. There are two main metrics to be looking at, virility score and engagement score. They look like this:
Remember how I said Pinterest looks at your account as a whole? Well these two numbers are a great representation of your overall Pinterest account’s health. You will want to boost these two numbers as high as possible.
Remember how I said Pinterest looks at a board’s performance? Well Tailwind is awesome and they rank each board’s performance for you.
Under the “Board Insights” section, you can see what boards have the highest level of engagement and virality. These are the boards that are most likely to generate you loads of traffic. Your virality score is based on how many repins per pin are on that board, calculated by the boards (total repins) ÷ (total pins).
If a single board had hundreds of thousands of repins and fewer pins, the board is probably a highly sought after one (hint-hint wink-wink, Pinterest thinks this way too).
A great way to boost a boards ranking is to promote the high performing pins on that board so it receives even more traction. To Use Tailwind to explode your Pinterest account you must do the following:
•  Pin content, share content, and engage.
•  Perform housekeeping on your Pinterest account.
•  Track your vitality and engagement scores for your boards with Tailwindapp.


•  Advertise your board and pins to give your original content the boost it deserves.


Author: Sheila Johnson