The following are tips that you can use to get the best pictures that relate to you blog and can even tell a story at just a glace. Please remember that they require good practice and patience.
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Backgrounds: There is nothing less attractive like taking a photo in an environment or background that messy for a blog that is supported to be professional and. The mess in the photo will just still the beauty that was supported to be captured in the photo. So you should invest in taking your photos in a clean background, like for instance using a white plain cloth or a board. Everything that is around your subject is important so everything has to be clear, clean and match. Forget about taking pictures on the deck or even on your house decorations. You just have to figure out what works best for you and for the photos you want to take.
Props: These will add a little something extra to your photos. Including props and enactment your photos helps to make them more appealing and create a story within your photograph.
Lighting: Putting your subject direct to the sun is the best thing you could do. But if there is no sun then you have to take your photos in a natural light source. You can use the window or an open door to get good lighting. You should also try to play around with the lighting settings of your camera when setting up for photos. The lighting of photos can differ according to the emotion that you want to capture. Remember your subject has to face the lighting source. 
Angles: Nothing is more fun like playing with your angles to get the best pictures. There is no point in taking photos from the same angle. They would just be plain boring because they would not show any sign of creativity. Play around and you may be surprised what you come up with; have fun with your shoots.  
I hope these tips will help you to snap snap snap and capture great moments and good photos for your blog.