The fact is that finding the best Hashtag for your Instagram content can significantly increase the number of eyeballs seeing your work. If you find yourself having a hard time trying to find the best Hashtag for the content you are about to post, then I have good news for you. There is a new web tool called Hashtag finder designed just for you.

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The Tailwinds: Hashtag finder is a web tool that helps you to search for Instagram hashtags by category, Instagram community and even by country. It is likely to give you a list of trending hashtags. In this tool, there are 90 Hashtag categories and 2000 trending Instagram hashtags.

What this means is that every time you feel stuck and wants to find the best Hashtag for your content, look in the finder. This tool is very helpful, I find this tool as the best in case you want to grow your following on Instagram.


We have Instagram accounts that we have for a long time been looking for the most effective ways of growing the following. With all the experience, I can admit that you should be very careful when using hashtags. The most recent improvement that can be very critical to handle is that Instagram can now see the set of hashtags you are using and are likely to punish you if you reuse the same set of hashtags for every post.

We are justifiably proud of this tool because it has been helpful to us and several other companies out there. One thing that I specifically realized about this tool is that it is relatively easy to use. You are just supposed to upload an image and you will get a list of some of the most effective hashtags that you can use.

Tailwinds: Hashtag finder is a life saver for Instagrammers. I usually think that it has a lot of uses that can help you in building a following in the market. You can use the Hashtag finder in the preview app. This app comes with an Hashtag finder which gives you an opportunity to search hashtags by topics locations and even Instagram communities. These hashtags are very perfect to grow your account naturally.

You are only required to go to the caption section and select ‘’find’’. Type the category of your content and press ‘’add all’’. This is likely to add the hashtags on your caption. Alternatively, you can just select the hashtags you want to use by simply tapping on it.

Tailwinds: Hashtag finder gives you a mix of trending hashtags in each of the categories. This is what allows you to be featured on big accounts.

How to use Tailwinds: Hashtag finder

As I had already stated, you are supposed to open your preview app. We have been using this Tailwinds: Hashtag finder for some time now and we are pretty sure that it can help you too. At this point in time, we have put down a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool.

Open your Preview app

This is the first step. You are required to open the preview app. This is an Instagram feed planner app. You are supposed to upload at least one photo to get started. If you want to add an image, then you are supposed to go to the add icon marked as ‘’+’’. This icon is situated at the right corner of the screen.

Open the caption

This is the next step. The fact is that the Hashtag finder is built in the caption section. The main reason for this is to help you directly add any Hashtag you want in the caption. Now you are supposed to select the photo and press on the ‘’ peech bubble’’ icon. This is likely to open the caption screen.

Later open the ‘’Hashtag finder’’

This is the most important step. If you want to open the Hashtag finder tool, then press the ‘’find’’ button. This is where the fun begins. After you have successfully located the Hashtag finder, you should go to the next step where you search Instagram hashtags.

Search the Instagram hashtags

The simplest way is to scroll through all the Hashtag categories. The good thing is that it is aligned in alphabetical order. You are then required to type the keyword on the search bar to be deflected on specific category.

Add the Instagram Hashtag in your caption

Now you have successfully found the hashtags and so the next step is to add it on the caption. If you already like all the hashtags in the list, then you can add all of them at the same time.  To do this, you can press the ‘’Add all’’ icon. Alternatively, you can add some specific hashtags to the caption. To do this, just press on that specific Hashtag and click on add.

Post on Instagram

I bet you already know the drill especially if you are already using Preview. For those who are new in this process, then you have made it to this far. It is easy to post. Select that specific photo and press on share button. After that post on Instagram. The next move is to paste your caption on Instagram.

We love this tool because it has all what you needs to grow your account. It should make it easy for you despite your audience. You don’t have to struggle the entire time trying to find matching hashtags for your content. I understand that every time we use hashtags the perfect way we increase the chances of people who are interested with our content find us. This is what gives them the chance to find what we offer and eventually make purchases.

One good thing is that hashtaged posts can appear in the ‘’latest posts’’ sections. It can as well appear in the ‘’top posts’’ today. This is what makes you get more exposure especially if you have a popular post. I now hope that this Tailwind: Hashtag finder can help you grow your Instagram account.

Author: youwanttoblog