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Well as some of you may know its not easy blogging, let alone make money from it. You need a millions different ways to make money just to make a few hundred dollars. Although there are a few bloggers that make millions of dollars, that is a select few that are doing so. So how do you make money blogging?  Pay 

Per Click (PPC) ad networks:
Pay per click ads are web advertisements that you can place on your website (through code) that {theoretically} deliver targeted ads to your audience. You earn a small amount each time one of your blog visitors clicks on a particular ad. Google AdSense is probably the most widely known program to offer PPC ads. These ads can be hit and miss, as in, sometimes the ads delivered will not be a good fit for your readers. However, PPC ads are a very low-maintenance form of blog monetization and can eventually be decent earners for you.
Example programs:
 Custom web advertisement space:
You can sell individual advertisement spaces on your website/blog to companies and or brands interested in reaching your target market and frequent readers. When choosing a brand to partner up with, make sure you do your best to build a profitable relationship with them.
Example programs:
 Product-specific affiliate programs:
You can make money from your blog when people buy products and services linked from your site that have attached affiliate/partner programs.
Example programs to which bloggers can apply:
 Affiliate/associate hybrid programs:
Affiliate/associate hybrids have a slightly different earning potential for your blog than product-specific affiliate programs. These hybrid programs will give you a small commission of any product the person (who came from a link on your blog) buys.
Example programs:
 Selling your own services:
Selling your own services from your blog can do a lot more for you than just the money they earn. The additional benefits come in the form of establishing your reputation & authority in your field, when you offer items such as those below.
Example services you can offer from your blog:
  • coaching/consulting
  • speaking engagements
  • workshops and seminars
  • recipe creation (food bloggers)
  • online webinars
 Selling your own digital products:
Developing digital products to sell from your blog can be some of the most rewarding, hassle-free money you’ll ever earn. Typically you only have to develop a digital product once (though it may need tweaks and updates), then you can sell it into infinity and beyond.
Example digital products you can offer from your blog:
  • eBooks
  • e-courses
  • email courses/challenges
  • guides/downloads
  • pre-made designs, patterns, or templates
  • software
  • or anything else that can be delivered electronically
 Membership sites/programs:
You can build a site or program that requires a monthly/yearly fee to access it. This site could have information, content, courses, etc. that only subscribers can access.
 Exclusive access  As opposed to just a monthly/yearly membership site or program, you could develop exclusive products and groups that people have to pay to gain access to.
Example exclusive products/services:
  • a virtual private bootcamp (conducted by video)
  • virtual clubs that center around a specific topic
  • perhaps even content similar to your “newsletter” that you email out to paid subscribers
 Sponsored posts/reviews/endorsements:
Another popular way to make money blogging is to create sponsored posts, reviews, tweets, or endorsements for a particular brand.
On a Side note If you wanted to Enhance the way that you made money on your blog you can always implement YOUR OWN AFFILIATE PROGRAM.
You have affiliates sell your services or products for a commission and this helps you with building traffic to your blog and bringing in more income as well. You can set this up using  DPD, Digital Product Delivery ( They are really good and also have their own referral program as well. This system is good if you’re selling eBooks, eCourses, digital downloads, physical products, or service “packages”.
Here are some other alternative ways to make money that I have found as well, I will do a complete blog post abut these sites in the weeks to come. 
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Author: Sheila Johnson